Hello. My name is Andrew Krill, and this is my website!

I’m an engineering student, maker, inventor, and sometimes artist. I am always looking to build my professional network, collaborate on cool projects, and teach people about tech. Feel free to contact me!

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My name is Andrew, I like to invent things.

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If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out my blog! It’s about various topics, including tech, electronics, and many of my personal projects!


Fixing a Megaphone

2020 has been a crazy year. Pandemic, Protests, Murder Hornets, and no end in sight! I had joined a Milwaukee activism facebook group for BLM protests. Organizing protests, volunteering time, donating supplies. One member had a megaphone to donate, but lost the charger! I offered some of my time to fix it- either find/make a …

Reverse engineering a circuit to repair faulty boards

I was working on a personal project in the UWM Makerspace the other day, when Chris Beimborn, the Outreach Coordinater of the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS), as well as the leader of a program called EnQuest, an Engineering program for high school age girls. Over the past semester, they have been working on …


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